At some point in time, we all want to move to trying off camera flash.  The idea sounds like it can be fun,
but what do you actually need to get started?  In this post, I'm going to give you a decent kit to get you started.
This kit will be simple and cheap, and it will work.  Will it be of super high quality, no, but if you treat it well,
it should hold up to a bit of abuse.  With this setup, you can add more flashes if you decide off camera flash is for
you, and also purchase more receivers as required.  The stands and umbrella holders will be universal, so adding to
this will also not be a problem.

I will provide you with Amazon (US and Canada) links to the products I suggest.  If you do use my links, I do get
a small kickback, but don't feel obliaged to use them.

Here is a breakdown of the items I recommend for a starting / learning setup.

The Neewer TT660 flash is a very basic unit and a basic interface.  It's nothing special when it comes the controls it has,
but the price is right, and it will give you a great start to off camera flash.

Canada -

Now that you've got a flash, you will need a way to trigger the flash.  There are lots of options for cheap triggers,
but I suggest sticking with Neewer, that way you have a matched flash and trigger brand.  Again as with the flash,
these are cheap but will work at getting you started.

Canada -

With these two items, you could technically start playing about, but you will still be somewhat limited.  I would
suggest getting a light stand with an umbrella / flash holder.  Watch when looking around, as light stands
will often not even have the umbrella / flash holder included, so watch for this point.  The link I'm going to provide
for this is actually an "all in one" kit to get you started.  It comes with the stand, the umbrella holder and three
umbrellas.  The three umbrellas that are included are a silver reflective umbrella, a gold reflective umbrella and
a white shoot through umbrella.  To be honest, I don't think most people will ever use the gold one, but it's there
for you to play with.  Again with this setup, it's cheap, it will work, but probably not that durable. It also comes
with a bag to carry the kit in.  

Canada -

I hope you find this information useful.  If you are looking for something that might be of better quality and last longer,
watch for further posts.  I am planning on doing a similar setup using a more versitle flash and trigger setup that
should last for years if treated right.  If you ever have any questions, drop me a e-mail via my contact page, or
find me on Facebook and drop me a message there.